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day 27


Last time I checked in we were locked in the house. We're no longer trapped but we are still in the house, its so cold! ! The plan was to go camping in cajon del maipo yesterday and leave Santiago today for la Serena, a beach town north of here, but neither of those things happened. Camping didn't happen because it was pouring all day yesterday (of course....), and there aren't many buses going today/they are cheaper tomorrow so we are just going to chill here for another night. Its 3pm, maddy is still in bed, Mich is trying to do yoga, and star and I are lounging on the couches. My toes are freezing, but otherwise I'm a pretty comfy couch potato right now. I think the plan for the day is order sushi and watch breaking bad. The first few days we were in Santiago I was really restless and wanted to take advantage of being here and actually do things, and I still do but its fun to just hang out with the guys.

Yesterday alex took us to the rock climbing gym he works at which was really fun, we definitely all feel it today though. We stopped afterward at a pizza/beer place and got delicious, what do you know, pizza and beer. Then we came home and watched the giants!!! Sucks they lost but it was awesome to watch, its been so long. It was fun explaining it to pepe and alex although I'm not sure how much they actually liked it.... I told pepe there was another game today and thrilled wouldn't be how i would describe his reaction haha the game ended around 130am but we stayed up but for a couple more hours just hanging out. We had a YouTube sesh, if you are bored/looking for a laugh look up remi guillard, I think that's his name.... so ridiculous and so funny.

So that was yesterday, Saturday. On Friday maddy got a tattoo! It looks really good, but as with stars I'm going to make you wait for a picture. Alex stayed wwith her for the duration and star Mich and I went to a craft market for a few hours and all walked away with some cool new stuff. Stopped to get a churripan on the way back (for the second time in less than 24 hours.... I think Mich are star are churripaned out, but Im definite)ly not, in fact I could defiitely go for one right meow). We made cookies for the house again and had a chill night around the yellow table with alex pepe and some of their friends. Michelle went out later with them but maddy star and I opted for sleep.

After we were freed on Thursday we went over to sofi (friend from coho) and Aaron's apartment to hang out. Got some Chinese food from across the street and picked up some beer (its pretty cool you can bring back the bottles and get some money back or a discount on a new bottle), and played some good old American drinking games before meeting up with pepe and a friend at a bar. Finished the night with a delicious churripan.

Well my toes are still freezing but Maddys kind of sitting on them so hopefully they will thaw.

Thanks for reading another super exciting entry! ¡¡¡vamos madbum/gigantes!!!!!!!!

PS we are all sick

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Hiya sweetie, hope your toes are warmer. Do you think of running as a way to get warm and see off all the pizza and beer???? Bu now you know Giants lost Game 2 as well, they are simply being outplayed. Makes you realize how amazing it was to win the WS. Vogey tomorrow, I would not put $ on us winning 3 games on the road. sigh.

How is the farmstay concept going? Sounds like you've had a lot of free nights so far, which is good.....not sure if you have a "hard" agenda to go along with the fun and loosy-goosey experience, but if so, how is that hard agenda of farmstay/teaching?

I volunteered at the MV Film Festival yesterday, running the will call table outside the Chamber of Commerce downtown. It was fun. Met a nice lady from Bolivia who said she would call me with details of her family you can contact. She probably won't and you probably wouldn't, but at least it made me feel good.

Not much else going on...a handyman is coming Thursday to put up the fence pickets between our's and Tony's so I can paint them this weekend. Just the four year delay in doing that, I know Mum thinks I am useless. Laura says Samuel is doing well. Nothing from Mikey, I think he has forgotten he ever had a family and friends in N. Cal. Good win for Man U this weekend, Scholes came on as sub and got a yellow card immediately, he is even worse at tackling than you were. Do you and your new mates kick a soccer ball around? You should bet tham at juggling a ball for beer, you would drink free for the rest of the trip.

Sorry you are sick. I STILL have a ticklish cough, 4 weeks on, so don't take that long to recover. Any birthday plans? Another year with you on another continent for your birthday?

Where did M get her tattoo? (And don;t say the tattoo shop). They say 25% of people under 35 have a tattoo. I was thinking of getting a full body tattoo of wrinkles, but then realized I already had that done! Har har says Escamp. Love you and get well, take care, luwamh.

by Phil Garratt

haha another great comment from pops... my only reader. don´t have much time because we are trying to catch a bus in a few minutes. should already be in san pedro now, but my bag got stolen at our layover in calama. such a shithole town, youll hear all about it in my next blog update. passport and phone stolen, but im counting my blessings because literally the same thing happened to a couple yesterday at the same time/place, and to a lone english traveller the day before. the couple lost a really nice camera, all their pictures, and all their credit cards, the english guy literally lost all his money and had to spend the night in the hospital. both got their passports back so hopefully i will too otherwise i have to go all the way back to santiago which is a 20 plus hour bus ride.... alsdkfañlkefnañekfnñakfneñka love you ill try to call soon

by alexascamp

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