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day 38

iquique to pica to arica

well last year i spent my birthday in Africa, this year I spent it in Arica. Interesting huh?

There wasn´t much to do in Iquique, the guys we met from the bonfire recommended going to pica where there were hot springs. Lets just say I don´t know why they recommended it....................... we literally got there at like 10pm, set up camp, walked downtown to find a phone to call Joel and Pau, got some food on the way back, then passed out. Woke up the next morning and chilled for a bit. This woman from the camp over (whose husband was snoring like. I don´t know what he was snoring like I literally just sat here for a minute trying to think of a metaphor but I couldn´t. He was snoring reallllllly loud, like almost as loud as you dad) came over because Mich was making a bracelet and she asked if we were selling them. She ended up manipulating her way into getting a bracelet for free, telling STar that if she gave it to her we would have good luck fo rthe rest of the trip. Very sneaky.

We showered, walked into town for itnernet, bought a bus ticket for Arica, ate, then left. Really eventful tri pto Pica, great decision to go. We were planning on going to the hot springs, but we saw a picture and it looked like a resort so we decided against going (didnt want a repeat of the last unsuccessful trip to a hot spring).

Got to Arica aroundddd 9 or 10pm? The bus ride was pretty crazy, it was the curviest one we´´ve ever had and by far the craziest driver, he was whipping around those corners. Seeing all the crosses signifying people who had died along the road wasnt very comforting, but we all made it in one piece. Took a taxi to the beach, Star and Maddy styed to set up camp and Mich and I went to get food and drinks for the night.

It might have been the piscoat, but we´re getting better at camping. Haha I almost wrote scamping. Except for when maddy woke up at five in the morning, couldnt open the tent, and thought she was suffocating hahahaaaaaaaa

Next morning we were pretty far out from downtown so we were wondering how to find a taxi back but luck found us - we got a ride from a police man. Police in calama suck, police in Arica are chill.

Found a hostel, we said that if we were gonna stay in a hostel we were gonna do it right and kinda splurge but we definitely didnt. The hostel we ended up staying was only 4000 which is 8 bucks. The owners were really nice though, let us use his comp and we met a girl staying there that we ended up going to the beach with/her boy drove us which worked out well. Water was really nice, but once again that might be the piscoat talking.

Went back to the hostel for a little then went with homegirl and boy to a massive statute of jesus on a hill to watch sunset which was really pretty. Spent a while there, met 2 other dudes who were there. Right as Star and I went to talk to them they started playing Warriors which is literally my song obsession right now so I was stoked. I made them play it at least 3 more times.

We met up with Tyler later who we met in Santiago and a girl from Ireland he was working with. Rest of the night was fun, apparently.

Havent done much today, had chinese for lunch, it was delicious but i think I ate twice my weight in chicken vegetables and rice. Literally couldnt stop eating. Maddy and I met some homies outside the restaurant who showed us some california love. And now we are sitting in an internet cafe because we couldnt decide whether to stay and go to the beach or leave and go to Peru. Not sure how going to computerswill solve anything considering we are going to have to face the decision again after this. Oh well. Sorry this was a really uninteresting post, I mostly just wrote it because I have nothing else to do.

22 is old.. I feel old

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I hope you don't think I sit around like a lost dog waiting for you to write blogs to which I can instantly respond. Think how pathetic that would be! What a loser that person would be, living his life vicariously through his daughter.

How sad also that you could not think of a snoring analogy and had to conclude that an outrageous snorer was "nearly as loud as you, dad". I have a reputation to protect, and now the thousands of blog-readers think I snore. My lawyer will be calling your lawyer.

I remember from our backpacking trip in 1981 how you meet and re-meet people randomly, like Tyler and the Irish girl. It reminded me of the enormous pleasure of free-form travel and made me instantly jealous of you, but because I am your dad and am not meant to feel bad feelings towards a blood relative, I have to change that from jealousy to envy. I still have vivid memories of our trip in SE Asia in 1981, so your's will also stay with you for a lifetime, as will S. Africa.

You sound like you are eating all 6 food groups at once, are you doing any running or anything to compensate? What is piscoat? And it sounds like you are getting used to having cops run you around places, did you tell him to have the siren on just for kicks? I assume Arica is in northern Chile and you haven't left Chile yet? I tried looking up Google maps but they don't seem to have much content.

So, how is the Spanish coming along.....do you feel more comfy using it daily, or no more confident that say 2 weeks ago? I hope Star and Mich are forcing you to improve and not helping you out!

Tough game 3, Cain unsupported, Timmy pitching Game 4 at 5pm PST. Consensus is that Pence is letting us down badly, so we'll see what Bochy does. If we lose tonight it's 3-1 down and gloomy. I think St Louis are a bit better than us, sadly.

Off to SF tonight for the opera, Moby Dick, did you read that classic book about the meanie whale? (In Marin, he is Moby Richard)luwamh muwamh xx

by Phil Garratt

haha maddy and literally just laughed for five minutes at your post, too funny. you do snore!!! really bloody loud too!!

by alexascamp

a piscoat is like a beer coat, but with pisco (i came up with, clever i know)

by alexascamp

Rising to my full height to assert my authority:

I have told you before that I do NOT snore, having stayed up many nights to investigate this accusation.

You of ALL people who should defend me, right there in the pulpit throwing bricks at me. Bloody traitor.

love you, say hi to your partners in crime xxx

by Phil Garratt

what is a beer coat? what is pisco? Just because you are a world traveler does not mean that the little people you trod on on the way up know as much as you do.......

by Phil Garratt

pisco is a drink!!! a beer coat is what you get after you drink beer and you aren´t as cold. obviouslyyyyy

by alexascamp

Only bloody obvious to you....but thanks for the update. have a lovely evening. Do you realize I talk a lot more to you than when you lived only 75 miles away? Odd that. xx

by Phil Garratt

Last time I was in Arica, I had a burger at McDonalds at 21 de mayo and Bolognesi, then went to the Museum of Weapons, just a thought xx

by Phil Garratt

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