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Day 1

Buenos Aires

Well, I finally made it. Travelling wasn´t too bad, i was a little nervous about doing the trek alone but it went more smoothly than i could have hoped. Flew from SFO to LAX, had a 3 hour layover, flew i think 9 hours to Lima, Peru, had a 4 hour layover, then flew like 4 and a half hours to Buenos Aires (best flight by far, i was in the middle row and the two seats next to me were empty so i got to strech out and pretend i was in first class). Took the Manuel Tienda Leon shuttle from EZE airport to the hostel, it was pretty easy to figure out. The most annoying airport was Peru, just because they searched my bag, and because i couldn´t get the wi-fi on my phone to work.

We´re staying at Milhouse Hostel, it´s really nice. When i got there Star and Michelle were waiting for me in the lobby, maddy was passed out of course. We´re sharing the room with two Brazilian guys who we can´t really communicate with but as far as i can tell they are really nice. I got to the hostel arounddddd 10pm, took a few minutes to get settled (and for maddy to get out of bed) then we took a taxi to, wait for it..... a sushi restaurant. if someone told me i would go to a sushi restaurant my first night in BsAs i probably would have laughed at them, but hey life is unexpected. i was hoping for an Oshio type restaurant, but it was on the far other end of the spectrum. the restaurant was called Little Rose, it was a total hole in the wall, if you didn´t know it was there you would have kept driving past. right after the taxi dropped us off and we started walking up the stairs we realized that it was probably a little too fancy for our budget, but we decided to stay. to be completely honest the restaurant was a little creepy. the only lighting was two dinky little candles at each table, and the walls were covered in weird pictures of pale little girls with heavy make up. i kid you not. the sushi was decent though...

we wandered around the streets a little after we left the restaurant. it was close to midnight and it felt deserted. i guess buenos aires is a night city - things don´t really liven up til after midnight, but it wasn´t just the fact that no one was out, it just felt really run down. trash was piled up at the street corners, graffiti was plastered all over the wall, it just felt kinda dirty and not well kept. we saw a car that was totally trashed, like beat up, doors taken off, the works. the driver seat was literally a lawn chair.

anyways, we took a taxi back to the hostel, met some of our neighbors (2 from london, 2 from scotland) then went to a bar down the street. it reminded me a lot cape town, going out with friends and being around a bunch of foreigners, it was fun. woke up this morning around 1130. i honestly feel bad for our brazilian roommates. they were trying to go to sleep last night when we got home from the restaurant and this morning all they heard was us bickering because maddy woke up too late to go to the embassy to get a new passport. i thought it was pretty funny but i can only imagine what we sounded like... a bunch of lameo american girls. anyways, went downstairs to get some breakfast (i had pizza so maybe i should call it lunch). the lamest thing so far is the fact that water is sketch here, if you want some you gotta get bottles. its cold which is nice and refreshing, but spending money on it is just a drag.

we were going to go on a graffiti tour of the city today but apparently today is the ´private tour´ whatever that means. wow i just looked at the time and its 130pm......... maddy and michelle are in bed and star and i are at the computers. probably going to head to bed after i finish typing this, still haven´t caught up on sleep from travelling (just slept on the flight to lima and probably only for 4 hours). i for sure want to explore the city, but im just going to go with the fact that this is a late-waking city and go to bed for a few more hours. keeping a blog is weird but kinda fun. oh, last thing to mention before i peace out - we were sitting in the cafe area of the hostel eating our breakfast and who walks in? some guy dressed in a spandex pinstripe coverall, like even his face was covered in the spandex. he was wearing glasses and had a moustache drawn on. we were wondering how he was going to consume whatever he ordered but we found out soon enough, he just ordered a beer with a straw and was sipping on it through a perfectly straw-sized hole he made by his mouth area. pretty comical.

i think i´ve pretty much covered everything. oh yeah, just so i never forget, last night when we were leaving to head to the bar the front entrance (its like porclean/linoleum floor) was flooding (not sure why, some questions are better left unanswered) so they were mopping it up. we tried to dodge the wettest areas but in the process maddy managed to slip and fall straight on her butt. tooooooo funny, im literally crying just thinking about it but maybe you had to be there. good times, more to come and i can´t wait. until next time......................

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hey scamp! post some pictures dammit!

by Adam Weitzman

hey scamp! post some pictures dammit!

by Adam Weitzman

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