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day 5

wow. we woke up 2 hours ago. its 7pm......

we didn´t go out til like 230 or 3 last night but it didn´t feel like it at all, the whole family was still up hanging out. we went out with maxi, cande and some of her friends who were all so nice. we went to a bar about a ten minute walk away to get ´to go beers´. literally they poured the beer in a cup and we left and drank them on the curb down the street. i guess that everyone in town knows there are 4 american girls here, maxi looks like quite the pimp. one girl asked michelle to help her with her english homework. some guy said something to me in spanish and when i told him i didnt understand and walked away he said ´fuck you! fuck you!´but im pretty sure he was joking and that wasjust the only english thing he knew how to say, at least thats what cande said.

after we finished our drinks we made our way to another bar called queens which was across the park and diagonal to maxi´s house. it had a main room with a bar that attached to another room with a bar. through that room you could go outside, it was just a concrete square area but it was perfect for a break from the inside rooms which were crazy packed and really hot. the bar wasn´t nice by american standards but i really liked it. super local.

the sky was turning light by the time we got to maxi´s and i learned today that it was 7am when we got home. i walked back with flavio and we were waiting for the rest of the group when all of a sudden maddy comes rolling up on weso (her pool partner from the previous night)´s motorbike with the biggest smile on her face. classic. clearly the ride of a lifetime and she did not want it to end.

michelle and i both got up around 11 to go to the bathroom. we passed back out until maxi opened the door and asked if we were ever going to get up because it was 530. maddy mich and i literally all jumped out of bed because we couldn´t believe it, i thought he was joking. but nope. so much for our plans to play soccer and make cookies today. maddy said she had been awake for a while which i think marks a first.

we had some tea, cookies, and burgers (soooooo good, love the ham on the hamburger) and now we are just chilling. family is always popping in here, maxis other grandma stopped by earlier (who star was introduced to as maxi´s girlfriend and mich as the sister in law haha) and now his cousin and her son gaston are here. star tried putting a hairwrap in gastons hair last night but didn´t get far before we had dinner. he passed out after eating so she never finished and his hair is so short it fell out, so star is finishing it now and going to glue it onto his head haha

i still can´t get over how late we got up. and tonight is apparently going to be even more of a party - supposedly a 5000 people party. its one of maxis friends birthdays so we are going to go to dinner at 1030. i think cande said the party doesn´t start til 4am and who knows when it ends so its a good thing we got some sleep.

not much else to say... but i promise i will get pictures up soon, for those of you who have been reading im impressed because i realize its a whole lotta writing, sorryyyyy

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glorious stuff...already you have lost track of the 24-hour clock and are drunk and over-eaten all the time. Not bad for the first week. How do you know Maxi and how far are you now from BA? Let us know the times it takes to get from A to B, why you went to B etc and how the planning if any is going for farms and ooh, what's that word, oh yes, WORK! Be sensible with the lads, an American girl is a prize trophy, don't get stranded or compromised....luwamh

by phil garratt

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