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day 8 - 14?

Iguazu to Rosario to Mendoza

Its been a while....

20 minutes after we got to iguazu there was a huge thunderstorm... we had to get money to pay for the hostel and were hungry for food so we put on our jackets and headed out into the rain. Storm didn't last long but it took out the power all over town. Luckily the atms worked but our choices of where to eat were limited, but we ended up with a pretty delicious dinner of chicken and potatoes for relatively cheap. We planned out the following day and went to bed early. Got up around 730, downed the free breakfast of a croissant and roll then hit the road. We stopped at the grocery store to get sandwich materials then took a 20 min bus ride to the park. We spent the day checking out all the viewpoints, they were all amazing ill post pictures later. It was like Victoria falls on steroids.... waterfalls for daysss. We finished around 2 then headed out to this 'hidden waterfall ' that isn't really advertised/most people don't go to (probably because its a 45 minute walk and 90% of the people at the park were over 70 or under 12). Definitely was a highlight of the day, but at first it didn't seem like it as the waterfall was only like 2 feet wide, which was pretty unimpressive after seeing the actual falls. But then we looked down and saw that it created a pool we could swim in. The weather is super tropical so the air was thick and sticky... swimming was all we wanted. The walk through the jungle was really peaceful, we saw an iguana a monkey and some huge ants raping each other.

I want to write so much more but I'm doing this on my phone and its taking a while so I'm just gonna do bullet points...

Chilled at the hostel for another night then walked to the tres fronteras in the morning, which is where the borders of Argentina Paraguay and Brazil coincide.

Had to wait five plus hours for the next bus to Rosario so star got a spontaneous tattoo.... its really cool but I'm gonna make you wait for a picture.

Bus ride to rosario was pretty uneventful besides the attendent who told Mich to put her shoes on because they smelled.

So nice to be back at maxis with him and his family... had these delicious meat spinach enchilada things for dinner. Maddy poured us wine and got a couple drops on the table cloth so we gave her some shit for it, two seconds later I tried adding some of this fizzy water they like to add to their wine, I pouredit at the wrong angle and wine literally sprayed all over the table. Great way to pay back the family that has been housing and feeding me....

Went out to tthe local bar media Luna for beer and pool with maxi and his friends it was a lot of fun hanging out with them, all were so nice. After we left around four we went to this doughnut shop that was randomly open... yum.

We left the next day loaded with snacks and our favorite - burgers with ham. Definitely sad to say goodbye to the family but hopefully ill be able to see them again when I'm back in Argentina with lauren and louie.

Really shitty bus ride, left at 4pm, two shitty movies, no food or snacks, and a crying baby. We got to Mendoza at 630am and went to a couple different hostels til we found one that had room for us. Passed out for a few hours then got up to do a biking wine tasting tour.

Got a late start and ended up taking a taxi to save time... bit of course he didn't know where he wad going. He had to stop to ask for directions twice. Finally made it to the bike rental place and were on our way. Went to three different wineries and a beer garden where we met 4 American dudes. We met up with them later for dinner at this really good Mexican restaurant. Chilled at their hostel which was across the street from ours then went out around 230 or 3 to meet some people we met earlier.

It was a fun night but sooo random, for some reason the bars /clubs weren't working out so we went to one of the locals tattoo parlor and hung out there. We left to get beer from the gas station but the lady wouldnt let us leave without finishing the beer so we spent some time there drinking. Not sure when we left, but Mich and I didn't get to sleep til like 8am because we kicked it at our hostel with a couple of others and played fooseball.

Got up at 1030 for 11am check out and so we could go to these hot springs. We were too late to get tickets so we just went back to the hostel and hing out bybthe pool, it wad a really nice day. We went searching for a place to eat and settled on one that we thought looked for sure decent. It wasn't....

We picked up our bags and headed to jona and javis apartment a few blocks away. We met them the day before and they offered us a free place to stay and its been great. We put our stuff down then headed to a bar where CJ Ramone was playing. We got in halfway through the show for cheaper, it was really fun. Show ended around midnight and went to their friends house to hang out and dance. Everyone we have met is so nice and welcoming and helpful.

Went to the springs today... total let down. It was more like a public pool for families, but it was pretty cool that we were in the middle of the mountains. We did a quick walk around then asked for our money back. We had an hour to kill before the next bus so we got lunch which wad realllly good. We got back a couple hours ago and are just hanging out. We are leaving tonight for santiago Chile at 1045. Kinda looking forward to just passing out. Star has aa friend we can stay with and jona put us in contact with his friend who invited us to stay with him. Should be fun!!

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scamperdoodle, thanks for the updates.....to an old guy, they sound exhausting, but I'm sure you are pacing yourself money- and energy- wise. Sounds like you are meeting some fun folks, and getting into the swing of accommodation and just living. Seems like you've done a lot in 2 weeks! Doesn't sound at all like you are getting hassled or are having lots of wasted time. is it how you expected it? Did you have any expectations? Is there anything you are doing more of or less of than expected, and is that good or bad. Yes, I haven't seen a good ant-rape for years, what fun. Pretty quiet here, I spend my life blowing my nose and sticking pins into an effigy of Cha. Day off today for the Giants, then a silly period of 8 or 9 meaningless games pre-playoffs. Miss you, You write well, keep it coming....luwamh xx

by Phil Garratt

Hey there Scamp.
I am here with some tips to make your Blog a more enjoyable experience for your avid readers.

It is not very holding and can perhaps be quite discouraging to the reader to see a rant the runs on and on and on a little can go a long way and to hold down on unnecessary details can highlight the cool things that you and your comrades are doing.

See that above was a rant. (is that not unpleasant to read?)

The readers are going to assume that you are going to fulfill the basic requirements to maintain healthy homeostasis. Paragraphs explaining how you slept last night, or how you ate a pizza for dinner are redundant.
The reader knows just how important sleeping and eating are to you Scamp. (especially cookie dough)

The reader does not want everything be described with words.
A picture of a waterfall could have replaced a substantial paragraph out of your blog.

The reader is often confused by the introduction of characters without any context of where they came from.
This Maxi character needs an introduction and explanation of his origin.

Punctuation and capitalization makes for a much smoother flow. the reader and i cant focus on the content when theres so many gramatical errors.

The reader cannot wait to see a picture filled blog which pinpoints the extraordinary highlights of your adventure and leaves out the details of your cheese pizza.

by Blogger coach

Well hello seamus.

While I appreciate your tips I have a few things to say in response...
The keyboards are different here and I don't necessarily have the time to figure out the correct punctuation, as I am busy detailing my most recent rant (I hope you appreciate the posts from my phone with accurate punctuation).

On that note, while I am writing this to keep my avid readers happy, I am also writing it for myself as a journal type deal, and I want to remember as much as possible. I do understand that involves a lot of irrelevant homeostasis maintaining details, so sorry to bore you with them... but they're gonna keep coming, ill try to minimize their length though. Funny you should mention cookie dough though as we just got the ingredients to make some...

I know, way too many words but I haven't had the chance to upload pics and when I do I'm just gonna put them on Facebook I think.... ill try and get on it.

I did introduce maxi but it must have been amongst a slew of boring details that you skipped over.... he's stars friend she met during her travels.

Thanks for your advice ill keep it in mind. Miss ya shmu

by alexascamp

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